Smartalec - A Division of DefendGate Inc.
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Welcome to Smartalec Software, a provider of high performance software and services.

Smartalec Software is dedicated to delivering software solutions that focus to two main concepts: Performance and Design.

With numerous titles available that highlight speed, stability, unparalleled support and low cost, Smartalec Software provides the only optimization software you'll need. Whether you're optimizing your personal computer, improve productivity on your workstation or maximize your development server, Smartalec Software has the software for you.

Click on the products to the left to find out about the full line of Smartalec Performance products. Support is available through email.

DefendGate Inc. maintains critically acclaimed Smartalec software. Software which has achieved some of the most sought honors both online and in print magazines.

For inquiries regarding contract work and multi-product licensing pricing plans, please contact us at:

Latest News:

We have officially changed our web-site's domain name to Please go to the new domain name for the latest news and updates. Thank you very much for your understanding and we will continue to try out best to bring the latest and greatest software to you.

We would like to apologize for all the confusion and problems over the last couple of years. We have had a number of issues over the years and we are still in the process of rolling Smartalec Software into DefendGate Inc. That is why there seems to be some discrepancies with some of the information provided over the years. In terms of support emails not being answered, support emails not sent directly to our company email addresses did not reach us and so that is why you did not receive any replies. Please contact us directly at for all customer support questions and we usually reply within 1-2 days. We value support for our software very much and have continued to support all products that we have, even versions that have been discontinued for years. We have recently released new products and PC Accelerator 2007 and Game Accelerator and more information can be obtained at our new corporate website at: Let us know what you think about our products. Click here to download the trial versions of our improved products:
Download SmartFix Security Center 2006
Download Game Accelerator
Once again, we are very sorry for what has happened and will do everything in our power to provide our customers with the best support and products possible.